Are you a Travel Geek?

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Are you a Travel Geek?

Travel Community Geeks
We hope you have been regularly visiting and
enjoy the website as much as we do, creating it.

The website is not completed and we are adding a lot of exciting
new features to it. And everything we do, we do so to build up
the travel community.

Not sure how much you are acquainted with so far.
Here are some questions to test what you know:

1. What is PingMyTrip's mission statement?
2. Can users without travel blogs join the community?
3. Why do we value content provided by our community more than
what we can find from the search engine?
4. Why do we encourage users to always check the latest posts
about their destinations before heading out?
5. What can members do to display their fondness of the PingMyTrip
community and website?

You know the answers to at least 3 out of 5 of the questions,
you are deserve the title: Travel Community Geek!

To find out what you have been missing, please read our blog:

Last, but not least...
If you like us, please help spread the word about us!
1. Blog about us
2. Invite your friends to
3. Add us on your social bookmarks.

Help grow website, home of the travel community geeks.

Are you a Travel Community Geek?

Brought to you by:

Jay & Harry
Founders of
(Travel Community Geeks), 60 Tras Street, Singapore, Singapore, 078999, Singapore

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Re: Are you a Travel Geek?

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Hey great work. Your site is one of my favorites. I really appreciate the hard work and the efforts put in to make it one of the best sites around. The above mentioned queries are some of the common ones and needed to be answered. Thanks for sharing. :)
spanje | barcelona