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Stephen Takacs
Hello, here is info for a new laptop I just bought.  I wasn't sure it
would work with OpenBSD, but I'm glad to report that it does.

* Notebook exact manufacturer, name and model:

   Acer Aspire 3003WLCi

* Latest OpenBSD version known to work on it:

   OpenBSD 3.8-release works (previous versions have DMA problems)

* List of working/not working things with OpenBSD:

   - integrated winmodem and Broadcom wifi don't work
   - ACPI doesn't work (and there's no APM on this laptop)
   - Fn keys don't work, except for screen brightness adjustment and
     backlight switch
   - USB 2.0 and Cardbus slot untested
   - everything else works

* List of hacks you used to get certain things running:

   (no hacks needed)

* Links to your dmesg and xorg.conf:

* Contact name and email address:

   Stephen Takacs
   [hidden email]