Account compromised: billing information moved.

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Account compromised: billing information moved.

Pay Pal

Message sent to you follows:

Dear Paypal client,

While performing it's regular scheduled monthly billing address check our
system found incompatible information which seams to be no longer the
same with your current credit card information that we have on file. If
you changed your billing information or if you moved from you previous
address please follow up the link bellow and update your billing
information: If you didn't change any of this information you still need
to follow up the previous link and update your existing billing
information because it means that our database regular scheduled update
wasn't made correctly. Choosing to ignore this message will result in to
a temporary suspension of your account within 24 hours, until you will
choose to solve this unpleasant situation.

We apologies for any inconvinience this may caused you and we strongly
advise you to update your information you have on file with us. Please
login in order to avoid any possible futuring billing problems with your

Best regards, - - PayPal Team!