ARM NEON extended instruction support

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ARM NEON extended instruction support

Al Beard
Hi all,

My project: Low BitRate Digital Voice codec and modem for HF
communications, thus need an SBC to run it upon.
See: FreeDV, Codec2 mode 2020 using LPCNet

And note in the LPCNet code, requires ARMv8 and NEON

Q1/ Does the ARM OpenBSD (arm64) ARMv8 kernel allow the NEON
extended instructions?

Q2/ Does the C compiler have the optimisation tools to make
use of the NEON extended instructions?

My hardware: PINE64 RockPro64

Q3/ Is there an SD card image available for my first time run up
of OpenBSD?

Note: I have no other BSD box, only Linux and Windows 7.

Alan Beard   Unix/Linux sys-admin since 1985.

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