2016-MAR-30 amd64 snapshot won't wake from sleep

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2016-MAR-30 amd64 snapshot won't wake from sleep

patrick keshishian

Just upgraded my laptop/netbook to 2016-MAR-30 amd64 snapshot.
I build a few ports, things seemed fine. Made it sleep by shutting the
lid. Trying to wake it up by opening lid, pressing a key (e.g., space-bar)
as it used to work previously by waking up the machine. However,
with this snapshot, it seems like it is tries to wake up -- screen lights
up for a second, but then the speaker chirps, and it goes back to sleep.
Pressing the button (or another button) repeats the screen light-up,
chirp and sleep cycle over again.

Is there anything I should try (or rather a dev would like me to try)
before I force reboot it to get you a dmesg?